Roof Cleaning

Sani-Clean Powerwash & Sanitation provides comprehensive roof cleaning and washing services for homes and residential properties of all kinds. With a pledge to sustainability, we use ozonated water, electric pressure washers, and other eco-friendly solutions to offer the best power washing and cleaning solutions for homes in Southern California. We adhere to all USDA, FDA, OSHA and CARP guidelines to prioritize the health of your family and your environment.

Sani-Clean Powerwash & Sanitation professionals clean, sanitize, and maintain roofs of all kinds. Our cost-effective roof cleaning ensures your home is free of stains, safe from harmful dirt buildup, and looks more beautiful than ever. Beyond having one of the most beautiful houses on the block, our services preserve your roof’s integrity, preventing potential damage and extending the overall lifespan of your house. Sani-Clean Powerwash & Sanitation roof washing, cleaning, and repair services are comprehensive and tailored to your home.

Enhance your curb appeal, maintain a pristine home exterior, and keep your home safe with our professional roof cleaning services. With our suite of residential services, from concrete power washing to window cleaning, you can transform your home inside and out! Choose Sani-Clean and choose reliability, sustainability, and protection for your property.

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